Eider Stellaire - 1 (expanded / remastered)

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For those who take communion at the altar of Zeuhl, the small but completely excellent Soleil Zeuhl label always deliver the goods. But now, they've completely outdone themselves by finally presenting a reissue of the most desired, never-before-reissued Zeuhl title in existence. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you: Eider Stellaire! This is one that no one - I mean NO ONE - who knows anything about the story of this album ever thought would be reissued. Led by drummer and composer Michel Le Bars, this album was recorded and issued in 1981 in a micro private-press of only 300 lps. Michel later joined Christian Vander's post-Magma band Offering. In the late 70s, while developing the material that would soon emerge as this album, Eider Stellaire were often the opening act for Magma; a perfect pairing as both bands shared a similar music vision: the European 20th century classical roots (Bartok, Orff, Stravinsky) mixed with rock energy, the heightened importance of they rhythm section in their musical presentation and wordless female vocals. There were to be two follow up albums, both of which are good, but this is *the* one folks. Lots of 'legends' have grown up around this album and this band and this issue looks and sounds great and it's a real pleasure to offer it to the public. This release not only contains the entire, original album, reissued legitimately for the very first time and sounding shockingly better than the really bad versions floating around as mp3s, but it includes an excellent, 10 minute long, never-heard alternate take of the final track, Nihil. Highly recommended!

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