Elara Sunstreak Band - Vostok 1 CD

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“The second long player by the southern German formation ELARA SUNSTREAK BAND fascinates with a grandiose, mind-expanding mix of stoner/progressive and psychedelic rock.
With their debut album 'Deli Bal', released in 2017, the progressive / psychedelic band EL ARA SUNS TRE AK BAND, based in southern Germany, advanced to highly regarded hopes of the genre. Originally started as a quartet and now playing in a compact trio formation and influenced by PINK FLOYD, MONSTER MAGNET and TOOL, the formation proves with their new album that the expectations placed on them were correct. The band explores their musical cosmos on 'Vostok 1' in a playful and inspiring way and invites you to a mind-expanding trip into exciting sound spheres at the interface of stoner/progressive and psychedelic rock. The trio was supported during the recordings by guest singers FELI X SE YBOTH (on the title track 'Vostok 1') and CHRIS TIAN WICK on Hammond organ and mellotron. A fantastic work with four epic monster tracks in the best 70s retro sound.”
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