Elephant9 - Psychedelic Backfire I

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Do you like the sound of the Hammond organ? Do you like the sound of really great musicians pushing the Hammond to its limits in power trio formation (organ/bass/drums)? Think Tony Williams Lifetime, Jon Lord in 1972 era Deep Purple, Steamboat Switzerland, Deus Ex Machina, etc etc etc.
Does the above paragraph sound good to you? If so, this will slay you completely.

“Elephant9 was already established as a vital live favorite on the Norwegian scene -- due to a number of energetic and enthusiastically received concerts -- before their highly-acclaimed debut album Dodovoodoo was released in May 2008. 11 years later, and after another four studio albums, it was about time to properly document this live force in the form of not only one album, but two double albums.
Indeed, the very limited, vinyl-only Live at the BBC album was released in 2011, but this time the band booked a four-day residency at the intimate Kampen Bistro in Oslo and invited old friend Reine Fiske -- a vital presence on previous albums Atlantis and Silver Mountain -- along for two of the evenings.
Everything was recorded in front of enthusiastic crowds and later mixed by Christian Engfelt, another trusted collaborator.
It's a rough warts-and-all mix, with no overdubs, repairs or edits. Tracks are picked from all their albums, often given lengthy workouts with room for improvisation.
The trio is extremely tight and telepathic, with Ståle as the obvious soloist, but it's worth to mention the drummer for a change, Torstein being a powerhouse that truly shines on these recordings.”
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