Elgarøy, Tore - The Sound Of The Sun CD

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I was just turned onto this 20 year old album when Henry Kaiser gave me the video for his latest monthly solo (what? You don't know about these? Check this out below!) because he opened with a duet with Tore, who I was completely unfamiliar with. He suggested I listen to this and I was pretty taken with it. Now you can be too!

"In our estimate the most personal and inventive Norwegian guitarist since Terje Rypdal. Tore Elgarøy's career soared to great heights when he appeared on Lee Claytons comeback album and Europe tour in 89. After this he withdrew from the music scene, but started writing and recording some years ago, with a completely new approach. The Sound of The Sun is a mix of solo guitar pieces and improvised sound abstractions, all deeply personal, intense and unlike any 'guitar' records we've heard."

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