Eloy - Reincarnation On Stage 2 x CDs

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This 2014 double set was recorded on the band's recent (and, I think, last-ever) tour. It features the larger-than-usal line-up of Frank Bornemann (lead vocals, guitar) / Michael Gerlach (keyboards) / Hannes Folberth (keyboards) / Klaus-Peter Matziol (bass) / Bodo Schopf (drums, percussion) / Steve Mann (guitar) / Alexandra Seubert (vocals) / Tina Lux (backing vocals) / Anke Renner (backing vocals).

This is the band's first live album since Eloy Live, a full 35 years ago and this is nearly 2 1/2 hours of great live performances.

"When, after 11 years of complete abstinence, they brought out an album again in 2009 with "Visionary", it was greeted with astonishment. Most assumed that the band had taken their departure from the music business in 1998 with Ocean 2 "The Answer", especially as bandleader, Frank Bornemann, had always stressed that Eloy was a part of the musical culture of the 20th century and no longer fitted into the new millennium.

However, he had probably not anticipated how much his band's music would continue to reverberate in the new millennium. The back catalogue reached six-digit sales figures with the remasters versions, and on the internet portals, the tribute to the German prog-rock legend accumulated in unexpected ways. Touched by this appreciation, and impressed by the many years of unremitting worldwide fan-power, the band re-formed, made up entirely from the musicians who had previously influenced the group's music as permanent members. The firm intent of properly saying 'thank you' for so much loyalty finally also brought the ultimate line-up back to the stage. With, for the first time, two guitarists, two keyboardists, bass, drums, two backing singers from the studio sessions and a solo vocalist for the highlights from "The Apocalypse" and "The Tides Return Forever" repertoire, they delivered an impressive retrospective of the band's history on stage. In the storm of enthusiasm every evening in almost consistently sold-out venues, some of the titles often exceeded the studio originals. Cheered on by a euphoric fanbase, the band often outdid themselves making recordings of phenomenal expressive power, which now find their way to the fans as the first and only live audio documentary since 1978."
Disc One
1. Namaste 2:49
2. Child Migration 5:26
3. Paralized Civilization 7:56
4. Mysterious Monolith 6:40
5. Age Of Insanity 7:12
6. The Apocalypse 11:09
7. Silhouette 3:58
8. Poseidon's Creation 11:24
9. Time To Turn 4:20
10. The Sun-Song 5:11
11. Horizons 4:09
12. Illuminations 6:30
Disc Two
1. Follow The Light 8:00
2. Awakening Of Consciousness 5:55
3. The Tides Return Forever 7:03
4. Ro Setau 7:02
5. Mystery 8:58
6. Decay Of Logos 8:20
7. Atlantis' Agony At June 5th 8498, 13 p.m. Gregorian Earthtime 7:55
8. The Bells Of Notre Dame 5:49
9. Thoughts 1:40
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