Elvin, Emmett - Being Of Sound Mind CD

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Emmett Elvin - acoustic & electric 6- & 12-string guitars, bass, acoustic piano, Rhodes, Twin Copicats, Nord synth, vocals, percussion, Yorkshire Tea tin full of spoons
Sarah Anderson - violin, viola
Alex Thomas - drums, cymbals
Sharron Fortnam - ethereal vocals (2)
Olga Lisikova - alchemical vocals (11)
Beverly Crome - French, tenor & baritone horns
Sam Barton – trumpet

A very good, slyly weird album of songs from the keyboardist of Chrome Hoof, Knifeworld, Guapo and even some other great things coming out of London!

“Eerie proclamations of drudgery on The Pinstripe Fiasco 2022 are given a good and righteous kicking by some frantic guitar and keyboard fisticuffs that serve to highlight the anxiety-fuckery that any of us who have ever been sucked into that soulless existence will recognise only too well. It’s not all doom and gloom, there are snatches of optimism to be found in both the music and the lyrics, if you have the right interpreter’s hat on. Although, the sight of an angry Ronald McDonald figure declaiming at the pulpit on the back cover is a tad alarming!
I want to know if the lips of Half or Full Machine Elf move. These are the important questions. X shows off Emmett’s classical piano skills to good effect, before the robots in the playpen mischief of Triumphum Super Mort sets us up for the lyrically bleak Faithless Star. A scything guitar figure cuts through End of Days, a nervous skitter that arrives at the relief of Olga Lisikova’s swooping vocal alchemy in a fraught state, only to be given succour by Olga’s vocal pirouette as it moves around the space with a lithe grace at odds with the lyrical psychodrama being played out. Mucho strangeitude ensues throughout Nought But Saviour’s Skull, a demented march that makes me think that this is what The Residents would sound like if they were actually, y’know… weird.
The sound of this album is just gawjus, and we can thank the knob-twiddling skills of Mark Cawthra for that. We have to thank Mr Elvin for having the strength of character to battle through the ennui-inducing stupor of the lockdown and its fallout to make this bloody fine musical statement, or, as he puts it, “With teeth bared and eyes crazed I summoned the will to plough mercilessly on”. It would be a crying shame if this album gets ignored for it is greatly deserving of your kind attention.” – The Progressive Aspect

Great video for a great song.

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