Embryo - Apo Calypso CD (expanded)

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“At that time the tenth Embryo LP, recorded in India in 1976 and in Switzerland in 1977, released in 1978 on the April label. Again in the well-known Embryo style: progressive jazz-rock with strong world music influences and only occasional vocals.
The vinyl has never been reissued, there was a CD edition in 1999 on Disconforme, but it has long since been deleted.
The first bonus track is from the 1977 Swiss recording session, but remained unreleased at the time. The second is from the festival LP "Umsonst & draußen - Vlotho 1976", the third (under a different title) from the festival LP "Umsonst & draußen - Porta Westvlothica 78".”
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