Embryo - Rache (expanded)

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Rache was a the second Embryo album, originall released in 1971. This moves away from the psychedelic krautrock sound of their first and into more original territory. This includes 2 bonus tracks.

"Literally the birthplace of a new type of fusion, Embryo had their roots in the very fertile Munich late-60's scene. Formed in 1969 by percussionist Christian Burchard (after leaving Amon Düül II) along with other like-minded former jazz and underground musicians, the idea of Embryo was to work collectively, intuitively, and let the music evolve on its own. Rache was a very surprising follow-up (to their first), with new mainstay Roman Bunka, ex-Xhol Hansi Fisher, and extraordinary keyboards courtesy of Jimmy Jackson (aka "Tabarin Man") the basis for the unique Embryo sound was set."-The Crack in the Cosmic Egg
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