Emerald Dawn - Nocturne

Tree Stewart: keyboards, piano, flute, acoustic guitar, and vocals
Ally Carter: electric and acoustic guitars, tenor and soprano saxophones, keyboards, and vocals
David Greenaway: fretless and fretted bass guitar
Tom Jackson: drums

“Sometimes, my expectations are absolutely demolished by the works of art that come my way. I hope the band doesn’t mind a little honesty here: I wasn’t sure what to expect when I heard The Emerald Dawn’s debut album “Visions”, which released in 2017. Well, that’s not entirely true. I actually expected a 70’s prog rock rip off that would beg me to turn it off before even one play-through was finished. What I discovered, however, was music that was anything but derivative or flaccid. The band’s new album, “Nocturne”, is releasing on the 1st of February, and they have outdone themselves.
The Emerald Dawn hails from the UK. The band consists of Tree Stewart on vocals and keys; Alan Carter on guitar, sax, guitar synth, and screechy keys; David Greenaway on bass; and Tom Jackson on drums. These players are all massively talented at both performance and also emoting through their respective mediums.
The Emerald Dawn offers music that is truly poetic and immense, and also mostly instrumental. Just like on their first album, “Nocturne” displays musical prowess that will leave your heart in your throat. The first album accomplished this with sheer technical fireworks, but this album manages to impress through the weight of its evocative melodies and its ability to paint pictures in your mind. This album features amazing guitar and keyboard solos, impressive rhythms, and especially dark and poetic ideas.”-The Prog Mind
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