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“Emerging from the darkness of their previous, and highly acclaimed, album ‘Nocturne’, The Emerald Dawn take the listener on a journey ‘To Touch the Sky’. This album, the band’s fourth, is a celebration of the voyage towards one’s ultimate goal, including the hardships and dangers faced en route. Beginning with the night, the music depicts the process of waking up and coming to life. A moment of awareness, or the experience of being awestruck, then provides the motivation for each traveller to pursue their quest. In the closing 22 minute epic, ‘The Ascent’, the metaphor of climbing a mountain can be interpreted as a psychological, spiritual or physical attainment, just as the listener chooses.”

“While generally classified as neo-prog, THE EMERALD DAWN develops a more eclectic sort of prog that not only takes cues from the bigwigs King Crimson and Pink Floyd but also adds some aspects of classic Moody Blues and even McDonald & Giles. Add to that a complex mix of classical music inspired by the great works of third stream artist Jan Garbarek, Dmitri Shostakovich, Ralph Vaughan Williams and Jean Sibelius as well as the jazz world heard especially in Tom Jackson’s stellar drumming style...”-rateyourmusic
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