Energit - Energit / Piknik (expanded / remastered) 2 x CDs

A very, very long time ago in a world that many people probably can not imagine, when I was in High School in 1973-74 or so, I had a pen-pal from BEHIND THE IRON CURTAIN in Czechoslovakia and we used to swap records here and there. That was the only way I could hear music from a country that was so far away and so far off the grid. One of the records he sent me was the first album by Energit, who were a pretty excellent jazz-rock band in the vein of Weather Report and whose entire output plus more is reissued here on CD for the very first time! This has both albums, a sampler cut, their "EP mini jazz-club" release and a bunch of live material!
Led by guitarist Lubos Andrst, the music here is quite high quality all the way through and you can trace the band's evolution via unreleased live recordings from 1973 as a guitar/bass/drums/vocals psychedelic/progressive quartet to a somewhat Terje Rypdal-sounding power trio in 1974 and then as a more Weather Report-influenced band on their two albums, featuring electric keyboards, guitar, bass, drums (and percussion at times) from the time of their 1st album through their final album and final recordings in 1978. Beautifully done with lots of great photos and (Czech) liner notes.
Fairly essential for fans of good, high quality jazz rock with hot guitar.

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