Enneade - Withered Flowers and Cinnamon CD

Julien Fayolle: bass, upright bass, Chapman Stick, Moog Taurus & glockenspiel
Christophe Goulevitch: guitars
Christian Greven: vocals, backing vocals & keyboards
Frédéric Lacousse: drums, percussions, marimba & xylophone
Georges-Marc Lavarenne: electric & acoustic guitars, Mellotron & backing vocals
Kunio Suma (from Bi Kyo Ran): guitars & solo (3 & 4)
Olivier Sola: saxophone (5)

"Since the album Teardrops in Morning Dew was released in 2011, enneade have never stopped performing on stage and composing. The various line-up changes have made it possible to mature, refine and improve the pieces presented today on Withered Flowers and Cinnamon.
The keyboards now take up a more important place than in the previous albums that were more progressive metal oriented. Here, enneade redefine their multiple influences.
The predominant hues are, of course, associated with King Crimson or Genesis, and more generally speaking with influential bands from the Seventies. Nevertheless, the band indulges in fantasy (“Grand Buffet”). Although the music appears rich and complex from the first listen (which was already the case for the two previous albums), enneade now seems more accessible and ethereal (“Autumn”).
enneade is not a “band with a message”. They are all about musicality, the lyrics mostly inspired by fiction, presenting incongruous situations or reflecting perceptions or feelings. Each piece has its own unique atmosphere, which may sometimes destabilize the listener. But after several listenings, their coherence emerges.
enneade do not want to be restricted nor categorized. The writing is done together as a whole and each member takes part in the development of the different pieces. Thus, each of the five musicians can appropriate and “experience” the music, without limiting themselves to interpreting songs composed by others!
The musical production and the recording of the album were provided by Thibault Bernard (Convulsound Productions: Dukkha, Rosenkreuz, Buy Jupiter, Dead Kiwis...). Thibault has extensive live and studio experience of recording and producing music. He also contributed to the arrangements.
enneade is more than ever a gathering of real friends around a common and inspiring project. For the band, the emotion must be there and the interpretation takes precedence over the musical performance strictly speaking.
With their album Withered Flowers and Cinnamon, enneade are undoubtedly coming of age as more experienced, still as energetic, inspired and sensitive."
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