Ensemble Raye - Quelques Pieces Detaches

FINALLY back in print, as it should be, because this is one of the very greatest albums that I own. Originally released in 1990, this is a great Swiss folk-influenced, RIO/progressive outfit. This is their brilliant second album, which mixes acoustic guitars, reeds, keyboards & more into a lovely entity and as a bonus, it's a fine recording too, with a beautiful cover. Highly recommended. This and their first album "Meme En Hiver" are very similar and both are absolutely essential.

"The core of L'Ensemble Ray is Cedric Vuille (guitars, bass, clarinet, keys, ukelele, bandurria, percussion), Jean-20-Huguenin (guitars, mandolin) and Pierre Kaufmann (saxes, clarinets, piano, percussion), augmented by other musicians on guitars, drums, violin, saxes, bass and so on, with different groups of musicians featured on different tracks. Both Vuille and Huguenin were once members of the eccentric Swiss band Debile Menthol, who have several albums to their credit; Kaufmann once played with them as well. The sound is primarily acoustic based, tending to focus on short, quirky instrumental pieces with the guitar being by far the dominant instrument on many of the songs, with clarinet second in command. The music here is very unique - a pleasant mix of jazzy and classical styles of uncertain origin played with impeccable precision, often with idiosyncratic melodies and odd meter - thus easy comparisons are difficult, but the spirit of Albert Marcoeur, ZNR, Joel Dugrenot and others are alive and well within the writing style."-Peter Thelen/Expose
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