Ephemeral Sun - Harvest Aorta

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Ephemeral Sun are a Washington, DC-area progressive rock quartet. All instrumental, they are a quartet of keyboards, guitar, bass, drums. They have roots in a wide variety of music, most notably in doom-metal and prog-metal, as well as more symphonic sounds. For a number of years they had a female vocalist, but the last few years have had them performing instrumentally. This is modern symphonic rock with some nice jagged edges. Although some of it is very melodic and symphonic, it's definitely not all sweet and you can hear some of those metal roots poking through the string-synths; I'm not such a big fan of modern symphonic rock unless there's a bit of a bite, otherwise there's just too much all sweetness and light, and this definitely has some bite to it.

"Ephemeral Sun is an exercise in contrasts, creating a music that balances elements both cerebral and visceral in nature. Following almost five years of work, the band is ready to release their sophomore album, "Harvest Aorta." The album finds the band moving into still more ambitious musical territory even as their desire to forge a unique path remains an unspoken mission statement. In the place of vocal-oriented song arrangements are dark, complex instrumental passages and extended adventures into theme and variation. The band also took a different approach when recording this material: rather than working against click tracks and scratches, as much tracking as possible was done live in the studio. As a result, the songs capture some of the energy and intensity of a live performance, but with the relative sonic clarity of a studio recording. "Springsong" opens the album and serves notice of the new direction Ephemeral Sun has taken. Intended as an informal sequel to "Winter Has No Mercy," it embraces the same aggressive approach but achieves higher peaks and greater contrasts. "Prism" was originally a vocal piece, deconstructed and rebuilt into its final form; a powerful symphonic work and a pastoral interlude that may be one of the band's most affecting moments. Closing out the first half of the album is "Memoirs," a quiet slice of restrained melancholy. Even in miniature form, the band retains the ability to convey a cinematic landscape. The second half of the album is the epic "Harvest Aorta," the band's most definitive moment to date and nothing short of a tour de force. Clocking in at over 40 minutes, the piece began as an experiment in theme/variation rather than conventional verse/chorus composition. Within its expansive framework, the band's many strengths are consolidated and showcased: contrasts between dark and light, lush atmospheres, blistering solos, ambient interludes and soaring melodies. "Harvest Aorta" is four songs, four musicians, and over an hour of powerful, heavy instrumental symphonic rock."
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