Erdmann, Daniel/ Samuel Rohrer with Frank Möbus and Vincent Courtois - How to Catch A Cloud

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Daniel Erdmann: Saxophone / Samuel Rohrer: Drums / Vincent Courtois: Cello / Frank Möbus: Guitar.

"Erdmann-Rohrer with Courtois and Möbus draw on the abundant treasure of their musical experience: rock sounds, jazz feeling, popular music, free improvisation as well as classical composition – everything brews together, soundly and organically fermenting into an idiosyncratic style synthesis.

Daniel Erdmann (born 1973) plays his tenor saxophone in multifarious manners but always with his singular artistic identity. Cellist Vincent Courtois (born 1968) is as agile in changing from bow to pizzicato as he is in swapping bassline for melody. Frank Möbus (born 1966) feeds his guitar through an arsenal of effects, generating spherical tones or howling in rock style. Co-leader Samuel Rohrer (born 1977) contributes several highly inventive compositions to the band repertoire. He treats his drums as far more than a rhythm instrument. This melodic drum playing exploits the range of dynamic possibilities, blends in elastically and is always exactly to the point."-Christoph Wagner
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