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Reasonably well known and well thought of 'proto-progressive' French album originally recorded in early 1972.

"Ergo Sum is a French progressive rock band based in Aix-En-Provence, led by singer Lionel Ledissez and flute player Jean Guerin. The unique (and highly sought after) album issued by this line-up, "Mexico" (1972), is now reissued and accompanied by a complete biography and bonus tracks. It's still full of the energy and youthfulness of the early Seventies. This music is based on tortured and cup-up vocals, refined themes that are full of breaks and ambiental changes. We'll also notice the colourful combinations between violin, flute, Fender piano, organ and guitar. A powerful and tortured music that goes from Family (the singer's voice can evoke Roger Chapman's), Van der Graaf Generator and the first Genesis albums. To be urgently rediscovered!"
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