Eris Pluvia - Different Earths CD (mini-lp sleeve)

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“The Genoese band Eris Pluvia contributed in 1991, with the debut album "Rings of Earthly Light", to the rebirth of the Italian progressive rock scene; a record to be counted without much hesitation among the classics of that era, which unfortunately did not have any follow-up until the recent "Third Eye Light" in 2010.
"Different Earths" comes then six years after its predecessor, renewing its formula and giving us a band still inspired, that prefers, to the display of instrumental technique typical of certain progressive rock standards, a more delicate and linear, heartfelt and exciting approach. Eris Pluvia's reference names have not changed over time: hints of Camel and Pink Floyd can be heard especially in the guitar solos, in the flute melodies and in the sustained keyboard sounds.
Indeed, this release finds its strength in the pastoral simplicity of its songs, which succeed in the difficult task of being up to date while referring to groups and sounds of the past. An exciting album!”
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