Erlkoenig - Erlkoenig (expanded)

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"Erlkoenig, named after the famous Goethe poem and originating in Helmstedt on the former inner-German border, played powerful and inventive symphonic rock with occasional lyrics in English. Keyboarder Eckhardt Freynik, author of all the tracks, was the creative head of the band, and one would wish that he had received more recognition for his work as it seems that the world has lost an incredibly gifted musician. The guitar is also highly remarkable. Erlkoenig’s only LP appeared in early 1973 with a circulation of 1000 copies (Resco TST 77678) and is basically known to collectors only. This CD contains four so far unreleased bonus tracks, partly in a different style. Details on the band, who unfortunately failed to make it, are to be found in the 24-page colour booklet. We are proud to say that we have managed to save their work from oblivion."

"This relatively short-lived (from 1972-77) obscure German symphonic/kraut band consisted of three members from a band called Paradise on Earth, these were; keyboardist Eckhardt Franke, drummer Michael Brandes and bassist Gunter Armbrecht, when guitarist Friedrich Kruger joined, the band name was changed to ERLKOENIG (taken after the German poem of the same name, written by the famous poet Goethe), this line-up lasted until the band disbanded in 1977. ERLKOENIG played a very interesting and unique blend of krautrock and symphonic rock, it would probably be fair to characterise them as a symphonic prog band with evident krautrock leanings. The music of ERLKOENIG is dominated by the organ skilfully and inventively played by the main composer Eckhardt Franke, much fiercer than your average symphonic prog band. The music is full of intensity, beauty, virtuosity and fairy-tale like imagery. Their output is largely instrumental but when vocals are added it has a very unique and interesting sound as to serve the mysterious nature of the music, and also a very charming German accented pronunciation. Unfortunately ERLKOENIG only released one self-titled LP during their almost 6-year long career; it was released in January 1973. It was originally privately pressed in only 1000 copies, mainly to be sold at concerts. In 2001 it was released on CD on the Garden of Delights label with 4 bonus tracks. It's very unfortunate that ERLKOENIG arn't more known than they are, for the average prog listener there should be a lot of interesting music to seek out. If you like organ-driven music with lot of dynamics and intensity, do yourself a favour, track down a copy of ERLKOENIG's self-titled debut."-Jeppe Scheel/
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