Escalante, Martin / Weasel Walter - Lacerate

"Lacerate is a studio recording of a first-time meeting between saxophonist Martin Escalante and drummer Weasel Walter, two players who adamantly test the extremes of their instruments' capabilities and carve out razor sharp displays of form and focus from the resulting frenzy.
Martin Escalante's reed playing obliterates conventional technique completely in terrifying displays of pure animalism and breakneck momentum. His sound is a one-man riot of simultaneous split tones, growls, multiphonics, shrieks, breath and noise. His vitriol is relentless and his approach is a next step in violent woodwind modernism after the sonic innovations initiated by people like Albert Ayler, Pharoah Sanders, Arthur Doyle, John Oswald, Kaoru Abe and Frank Lowe. Where most of these fore- bearers returned to some semblance of conventional melody after their extreme moments, Escalante stays permanently in the void, ravaging tradtional notions of musicality with determined calculation. The wild and angular multidirectional percussion approach of Weasel Walter is well-documented through decades of recordings in endless settings, but interfacing with the imposing roar of Martin Es- calante's attack set a new challenge. It would have been too predictable to merely counter the cascades of saxophonic aggression with some predictable static/dense "free jazz" bluster (but don't worry, there's one lengthy bout of pure density concluding the album, for good measure). Instead, the drum- ming seeks to clarify the structures, often fragmenting space and creating tension through shocking si- lence as well as offering blistering incremental overload.
Using sheer speed and violence as the baseline for the material, the music the duo has arrived at is a variegated assault of forward motion and a violently bloody nexus between two original voices in new music.”
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