Esthesis - The Awakening CD

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Aurélien GOUDE : vocals, keyboards, lap steel guitar, bass guitar
Baptiste DESMARES : lead guitar

Marc ANGUILL : bass guitar

Florian RODRIGUES : drums

Moody, melodic and quite Pink Floyd-y!

“Esthesis is a progressive rock band, created and led by French multi-instrumentalist Aurélien Goude. Their music is characterized by many influences (70's british rock, film score, ambient, metal, pop…) and primarily based on emotion and ambiences.”

Prog Magazine Reader's Poll, Prog 116

PROG MAGAZINE (United Kingdom)
"The Awakening is an assured album, as sharp as a handshake with Edward Scissorhands, flitting between the lucid dreaming of Pink Floyd and the angular attack of Porcupine Tree. Esthesis’ heartbeat is more attuned to aura and feeling, the composition coloured by long brushstrokes. (…) A stellar springboard towards a bright future."
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