Esthesis - Watching Worlds Collide CD

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"At the end of 2020 we became acquainted with the new French band Esthesis. The formation around the very talented Aurélien Goude was responsible for one of the best debut albums of that year with “The Awakening”. The music on the album was very atmospheric with beautiful long intros and wonderful instrumental eruptions. The album was also a hit here. In the week after my review, Aurélien Goude emailed me that he had received a huge batch of orders from the Netherlands.
It has become common sense by now, but releasing a second album is much more exciting than a first. In a second you discover whether the debut was not a fluke and which direction is chosen. The special thing about “Watching Worlds Collide” is that this is certainly not a repetition of moves. In fact, the steering wheel has been given quite a tug. But that does lead to, once again, a great album.
You really shouldn't compare this album with the previous one. This is simply chapter 2 in the Esthesis oeuvre, a chapter that leaves you wanting more. Yes. The whole thing sounds remarkably fresh. The atmosphere has remained, but it is a lot less fraught. The addition of some more jazz influences is a great fit. The songs are a bit shorter and on the whole the music sounds a lot more direct.
The rhythm section is mouth watering. New drummer Arnaud Nicolau brings a certain freshness that works very well. Together with the catchy bass parts of Marc Anguill they form a great tandem. Just listen to the opening piece of Vertigo and you'll know what I mean. This instrumental piece is a treat for the ears anyway. It has a wonderful drive, nice 70's keyboard playing, good guitar work and horns!
Aurélien Goude is a brilliant musician. He composes all the music. If you can make two albums with such strong music, which are also quite different, then you are a big one. He fits in with his contemporaries with Luca Zabinni (Barock Project), Philipp Nespital (Smalltape) and Bjorn Riis (Airbag). We will be hearing and enjoying this a lot more."-Progwereld

"The Awakening is an assured album, as sharp as a handshake with Edward Scissorhands, flitting between the lucid dreaming of Pink Floyd and the angular attack of Porcupine Tree. Esthesis’ heartbeat is more attuned to aura and feeling, the composition coloured by long brushstrokes. (...) A stellar springboard towards a bright future."¬–Prog (UK)
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