Estradasphere - Palace of Mirrors Live DVD (Mega Blowout Sale)

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A very cool, odd, unique and unclassifiable band. This has over two hours of live concert footage and a production documentary. The entire running time is 160 minutes.

"Estradasphere is a band of multi-instrumentalists from an unlikely variety of musical backgrounds: jazz, classical and metal. Estradasphere's current album, Palace of Mirrors, showcases a cinematic music and production that connotes a narrative that cuts across time, space, and genre. Their live show is an extension of the surreal sci-fi storyline alluded to in the music. Now with the release of their upcoming DVD - which was a year in the making and truly captures that beguiling and explosive live show on film -- the band plans to continue striving for the next plateau in their evolutionary career."

"This DVD reaches into the core of the ‘Palace of Mirrors’ concept. A true retrospective of the band's evolution from forming a new lineup to creating and performing ‘ Palace of Mirrors’ in its entirety. A deep insight into the recording, compositional and rehearsal processes of the band leading up to the album’s release. An intense integration of artful cinematography with only the best highlights from the ‘Palace of Mirrors’ tours. This DVD also has an entire set of previously unreleased live material spanning Estradasphere's range of eclectic tastes."-Jason Schimmel/Estradasphere
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