Etheridge, John / Ric Sanders - 2nd Vision (Mega Blowout Sale)

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Nice to see this back again; we had this for a number of years and then it dried up and disappeared. Luckily we found some more, while they last.

This reissues a very small press release jazz rock lp from 1980, when fusion was very out of favor, by the guitarist & violinist of later period Soft Machine. Also included is Dave Bristow-pianos & synths, Jonathan Davie-bass & Micky Barker- drums. Not an absolutely mind-blower, but definitely a fun little album.

"This is one to put with the fusion classics. Imagine Jean-Luc Ponty meets Jeff Beck on speed pills & you'll have a rough idea of what this record is about. Killer virtuoso rock drums, Jaco/Hellborg level bass-playing, Ponty level violin courtesy of Sanders & of course, the lightning-speed McLaughlin level guitar-chops of John Etheridge, he of the forgotten Soft Machine classic "Softs." Great production & sound also, despite being a small-label obscure release from 1980. So, to all the fusion fans out there: SEEK THIS ONE OUT, it's an awesome album with top-quality compositions & worth the time spent."
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