Etron Fou Leloublan - à Prague

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What an amazing surprise and what a treat! Etron Fou were one of the premier French avant/progressive bands from 1974-1986, & a founding member of Rock In Opposition (and seemingly, one of the forgotten groups of that movement, which is inexplicable to me because they were a fantastic band with a distinctive, original sound, they toured heavily and they even made it to the USA 3 times (the only R.I.O. band to do so at the time). With the great (and final) line-up of Ferdinand Richard-bass, vocals, Jo Thiron-organ, piano, vocals and Guigou Chenevier-drums, sax, vocals, this is the group performing in Prague, Czechoslovakia on November 13, 1984. The set list consists of their latest (and very excellent) album at the time, Face aux Elements Dechaine, with a couple of tracks thrown in from their previous (and also great) release, Les Sillons De La Terre. The sound quality is very good bootleg, but HEY! It's 2010 and you have a chance to hear a 25 year old concert by one of the great alternative/experimental rock bands of the the 70s/80s for the very first time!
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