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"You may know Stephen EvEns as the drummer behind Graham Coxon. You may know Stephen EvEns as the occasional sticksman behind The Damned. You may know Stephen EvEns as the rhythmic backbone of William D Drake’s band, Charlotte Hatherley, and, for one brief week, Cardiacs. You may even know him as Stuffy accompanied by his Fuses.
Now get to know Stephen EvEns the songsmith, the maudlin geetar plucker and blistering noisemangler. Get to know of his embittered heart (latterly mended) and the disturbed warpings of his mind in a time of duress. Be thankful that this darkness has now lifted from him and for the musical artefact left to tell the tale.
Bonjour Poulet is that artefact in the form of a 43 minute song book that mixes the spirit of Yo La Tengo and Ivor Cutler with broken friendships and human error. In the words of Mr EvEns himself: “The songs are beautiful and the words are horrible. I don’t know why you don’t think that’s a good thing.”"
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