Evans, Guy / Life Of Riley / David Jackson - The Long Hello Volume Four CD (Mega Blowout Sale)

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"A long long time ago, in the days when bands drove around in battered transit vans, and the musicians scraped a living there was a group called Van Der Graaf Generator, which was harnessed by Peter Hammill and some chums. Two of those chums were the bassist and drummer - Nic Potter and Guy Evans. During a VDGG break (of which there have been several over the past half century), these two hid away in darkest Wales and created this wonderful LP of instrumental rock music. It has just been re-released on CD, and is a very welcome addition to the collection.
Nic's wonderful huge bass lines are perfectly complemented by Guy's inventive but not overwhelming drumming - and there are some occasional screeches from a Mr. David Jackson on the saxophone (most charming they are too)."-Mark Shackelford

“Four albums were released by this troupe of the Van Der Graaf Generator Band. In fact over the four all of the band make an appearance either credited or not, even Peter Hammill sits in on one.
This is, in my opinion the best of the crop by a short head. Although all four have some beautiful praising and motives.
Percussion, bass and sax are to the fore with this set of songs.
This will not have any listener over impressed or screaming for more, but it is a delightful album with many a high moment. Although it may have Van Der Graff fans well happy with the result. It is nowhere near as complex or technical as said band, but has a real charm that delights in many songs.”
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