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Exmagma were a mostly instrumental crazy German jazz/rock trio of Thomas Baluff (organ & piano), Andy Goldner (guitar, bass, alto sax) and Fred Braceful (drums).
They recorded two albums, including this very rare and quite strange 1st album (this one) that I never saw until it was reissued many, many years later. This one had elements of fusion, but was really quite whacked, and which got them on the Nurse With Wound List.
By the way, their original name was Magma, and then they found out about the more famous French band Magma - so they changed their name!
This is a beautiful reissue on the always dependable Long Hair label.

"Fronted by guitarist multi-instrumentalist Andy Göldner, with an aspiring Mike Ratledge-like organist in Tommy Balluff and the long-time Wolfgang Dauner and Et Cetera drummer Fred Braceful, the curiously named Exmagma created an avant-garde rock-jazz that was full of invention. Their debut had much in common with Dauner's OUTPUT or the strangest tracks by Et Cetera, as pure invention in a music that goes beyond jazz, using a wealth of effects and electronic gadgets. Although poorly recorded it had much to commend it...and is well worth seeking out by those liking adventurous rock and jazz forms."-The Crack In The Cosmic Egg
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