F! - An Adonis (Mega Blowout Sale)

This is a little bit low-key, which might make it a little hard to immediately appreciate, but listen to it with your full attention and this will definitely charm. This band is a sextet of two guitars, accordion/piano, double bass, drums and percussion, with lots of guest on various songs, performing on oud, pedal steel guitar, vibraphone, violin, cellos, etc. The sound is a bit soundtracky and a bit Americana, but it's mostly nicely composed, undefinable music; if this sounds at all appealing, I think you will find it quite wonderful. Highly recommended.

"Through a lens tinted by Spaghetti Western fantasies and Bollywood dreams, the Philadelphia based ensemble, F!, creates an atmosphere akin to a Fellini film or a haunting Man Ray photograph. By twisting cartoons that once fed our minds as children into a repressed music for the villain, the bands first full length release, "An Adonis" echoes that of a deranged expressionist fairy tale. Throughout the album, the compositions toy with the idea of shifting between cinematic nostalgia by mocking and exaggerating the idea of genre.".

"Just imagine Dick Dale persuading some Viennese opera house to let him perform the works of Raymond Scott with a circus band."-Shaun Brady, Philadelphia City Paper

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May remind you of Beat Circus or some of the Zorn soundtrack discs. If you happen to geek out over recording quality and have stupidly good audio equipment, this is a pretty intoxicating CD, (seriously, very few recordings sound as good as this one).
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