Fairport Convention - Heyday: Heyday: BBC Sessions 1968-1969 CD (expanded)

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A remastered edition of the original album which includes 8 additional tracks (total: 20 tracks).
This is by the original line up of Fairport (Richard Thompson, Sandy Denny, Ian Matthews, Ashley Hutchings, Simon Nicol Martin Lamble + Ric Grech (violin on 2 tracks) and Dave Swarbrick & Dave Mattacks (violin/drums on 2 tracks).
Recorded on John Peel's Top Gear in 1968/69, this is the band at their most psychedelic, sounding like a mutant folky take on 1967/68 era West Coast US psych bands like the early Jefferson Airplane.
Taken from the master tapes, the sound is really good for the time period, & this is a fine set.

Tracks 1-3,13,14 Recorded 28th May 1968 for Top Gear / John Peel
Tracks 5,6,9 Recorded 26th August 1968 for Top Gear / John Peel
Track 8 Recorded 2nd December 1968 for Stuart Henry Show
Tracks 4,7,10 Recorded 27th December 1968 for David Symonds Show
Tracks 11,15 Recorded 4th February 1969 for Symonds on Sunday
Tracks 12,16,17,18 Recorded 18th March 1969 for Top Gear / John Peel
Tracks 19,20 Recorded 23rd September 1969 for Top Gear / John Peel
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