Fairport Convention - Who Knows? (1975 The Woodworm Archives - Vol. One) CD (Mega Blowout Sale)

“Fairport Convention need no introduction to the work of music with their 36 years history and being the biggest of all the Folk Rock bands ever! Who Knows is cutting into a bit of history with the first ever live recording from this line-up to be released. Captured on their 'Rising for the Moon' tour many say this was the height of the bands career. The album was recorded in England in 1975 and features Dave Swarbrick, Dave Pegg, Simon Nicol, Jerry Donahue, Bruce Rowland and the sadly missed late Trevor Lucas & Sandy Denny.”

"Who Knows is a welcome addition to all the other live Convention recordings out there at this point. Dave Pegg has found a tape in the Archives that is believed to be from 31 October 1975 at Uxbridge Brunel University, but he is not quite sure of the date or the location hence the title of the CD "Who Knows".
This is the " Rising For The Moon" line-up featuring Sandy Denny & Dave Swarbrick both on board. At this point this version of Fairport had been touring for 18 months. Unlike "Live Convention" or "Before The Moon" which are both from 1974 This sounds much more like a BAND and not Swarb's Fairport with Sandy sitting-in.
This concert is more about the songs and not the Jamming Cosmic Folk Fiddle of Swarb. That said it is Sandy"s Band and an Extra Special one that will never be seen on stage again. The Songs: "Stranger To Himself", "Rising For The Moon" and "Sloth" rate as the best live versions yet as this is a TIGHT band. This release is much, much better than "Live Convention" recorded 18 months earlier where the band couldn't quite jell together at that point. This recording is a good Book-end with "Before The Moon" which includes some wonderful Cosmic Expeditions from Swarb's Fiddle, but that recording can't match this one for it's AMAZING SOUND QUALITY! This is the best sounding release from the Mid-Seventies yet.
The best news to relay here is that this Vol. One of a series of Live Fairport releases and next up is Fairport Acoustic Convention down-under with Dave Swarbrick Guesting from 1996.”-Philip S. Wolf
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