Fall - The Remainderer CDEP (Mega Blowout Sale)

2013 six track CD EP. The words “Mark E. Smith sounds agitated” should lift the hearts of all Fall fans...

“A curious EP, why a quick 6(7) song EP at this point... "Remainderers"? Leftovers? Redux? Hard to imagine that Mark E. Smith had any extra ideas left off the previous album, which seemed padded with "jam" tracks and was weak with more developed songs. I actually liked the jam/improv tracks better than the more fleshed out songs on Re-Mit. Mark E. Smith seemed rather less inspired his last two albums, it was more like he was just showing up for work and keeping The Fall a going concern. Not that is that bad a thing, and with The Fall's incomparable long history one can't really complain much.
But this EP is not more of Re-Mit. Mark E. Smith sounds agitated this time. The music a re-boot of sorts, at least in attitude if not the band members. Crudely recorded, a bit ramshackle, with more of a "live" take. Smith would never imitate The Fall of the past intentionally, but this does seem like he is trying to get back to the core concept of The Fall. The first four tracks have more energy than all of Re-Mit, something seems to have got Smith all riled up. Track 5 is two old rockabilly garage covers mashed up for fun. Track 6 is most like Re-Mit, but much sloppier, featuring Elena. Is this EP meant as a statement of sorts, that Smith is not ready for retirement? Hopefully this EP will not fall in between the cracks. I'm curious now about the next album.”
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