Family - Anyway (expanded) (special)

This is the 2003 version that includes 4 bonus live tracks! This was originally released as a half live/half studio album, and gave a glimpse into the band's great live shows. How to explain Family's 4th album (1970) 30 years later? Take a idiosyncratic vocalist, who, like Peter Hammill or Don Van Vliet you either grow to love or hate (Roger Chapman) combine his talents with a rock band who sometimes add in some unusual instrumentation (especially for the times). Stir this wild and creative mix of hard rock and psychedelia and folk and shake it all up with a lot of thought and experimentation, while still keeping it a 'song format' based album with almost all of the songs being well under 5 minutes, and you have this great album! The band were always just on the cusp of making it big (and they were beloved in UK and critical favorites in the USA), but it never really happened for them. Maybe they were just too idiosyncratic and wacky. Over the last few years I've gotten extremely fond of this band and especially of Chapman, but it's an acquired taste for sure, so this is conditionally but also highly recommended!

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