Fashion Pink - Encore CD

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"This second Long Hair release by Fashion Pink contains previously unreleased studio recordings made between 1969-1971 + 2 live tracks. First part of this release (6 cuts) continues the SWR-Radio Sessions, truly reflecting the Krautrock jam-characteristics, second part (9 cuts) is the lost studio album from 1971, which was never officially released. The group was formed in 1968 by Roland Schaeffer (sax, guitar, bass, vibes and vocals) who today plays with Guru Guru. The music presents a large variety of styles combined with each other, mainly freaked-out rock with several atmospheric progressive elements and classical, jazzy themes. These five music enthusiasts are well trained on their instruments and developed with the typical Krautrock vocals a heavy, complex organ and guitar driven sound, sometimes very psychedelic like Pink Floyd as in the tune 'Peeling Beans' and remind also of bands as Embryo, Mothers of Invention, Soft Machine, Caravan.... Contains some fine cover versions amongst others 'Dharma For One' (11:00 minutes), 'I'm a Man'. Another chapter with unreleased original Krautrock (total playing time 75 minutes with a 12 page booklet) -- it continues the sound of the legendary German labels such as Brain, Pilz and Ohr!"
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