Faust - Od Serca do Duszy 2 x CDs

SKU 05-LUMB008
"This double CD set catches legendary German experimental rock outfit Faust's debut concert in Poland, from Krakow's Loch Ness Club, on the 15th November 2006. Spread over both discs, we are afforded a perfect opportunity to hear a blend of the band's classic songs and material previewed from their new studio album played energetically and with a vigour reflecting precisely how happy they were to be in a completely new environment which, in turn, welcomed them with open arms. The entire concert was recorded and mixed professionally by two of Poland's most experienced sound engineers, Piotr Papier and Marcin Cheblowski. The release itself also arrives courtesy of Poland's AudioTong label, with whom it is shared and wouldn't have happened without."
  • LabelLumberton
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