Faust - The Wumme Years 5 CD box set (price for sale outside of the USA due to extra shipping costs of this BIG set)

This 5 CD set contains all Fausts early classic albums, a John Peel session and unreleased early material. The 40 page booklet is stuffed with unpublished photos, stills from super 8 footage of the famous studio at Wumme, and revealing interviews with many of the key players of the Faust story. Included is: Faust, So Far, Faust Tapes, 71 Minutes and BBC Sessions (their great 1973 Top Gear performance and a substantial amount of extra material, all of which have never been released!). PLUS a 40 page booklet with interviews with Peron, Irmler, Uwe Nettlebeck & Kurt Graupner! Most of the photos have never been published.
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This is the second time I’ve owned this box and the same person purchased it for me both times. Thank you Larry DeHaan!! Larry is a die hard Faust fan and he turned me on to their music many years ago. I wish I could say the first Wumme box needed replacement because I wore it out, in actuality it was stolen from me. Larry couldn’t bear to know that I didn’t have it anymore, so he bought me a new one. That’s the kind of guy he is. And so, to the box: The artwork is all faithfully reproduced and beautifully done. The five CDs are gorgeous and the 40 page book is full of rare and unseen photos and copious information about the band, their famous Wumme studio and the music contained herein. It’s fascinating to read about the creation of each album, all information that wasn’t available to listeners back in the early 70’s when these albums were originally released. The audio quality of the albums themselves has been upgraded and they sound fuller and have more presence than ever before, revealing more detail in the music. The unreleased tracks here are a revelation and a welcome addition to the band’s released output. Faust fans everywhere are well advised to pick up a copy of this box set. It’s easily one of the best and most comprehensive box sets I own, and it’s gorgeous to behold. Thanks again, Larry!!
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