Favre, Pierre - Drums and Dreams 3 x CDs

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Pierre Favre: Drums, Percussion.

A reissue of three RARE albums from 1970, 1972, 1978, all of which are solo recordings.

"PIerre Favre's 1970s solo works are important mileĀ­stones in the history of European jazz. Any discography of innovative recordings should include them, and their reissue is long overdue. However their significance is not simply as reference material of historical interest; with their effervescent creativity, they remain impressive and relevant listening even today.

Pierre Favre has opened up new spaces for himself and for us, where we can dance and reflect: dancing, turbulent thoughts; memories and visualisations; a game played with time and with the times. Pierre Favre takes us in search of sound; the percussionist as poet; the drummer as soundscape painter; the composer as storyteller; the improvisator as tight-rope artist, performing a balancing act."-Bert Noglik
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