Fern Knight - Music for Witches and Alchemists

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Fern Knight is the project of ex-Eyesores bassist and vocalist Margie Wenk (she also plays guitar and cello on this release). Very nice, new psych/folk oriented stuff with some big names from the scene helping out (read on!).

"Music for Witches and Alchemists is a dark and beguiling collection of songs by Fern Knight, the primary cover for Margaret Wienk's singing and songwriting. Beautifully recorded by Greg Weeks, the songs are cast in rich, detailed arrangements with Alec K. Redfearn (The Eyesores), Greg Weeks and Meg Baird (Espers), and several other Philadelphia-area luminaries contributing to the sweeping sound. At the heart is Wienk's strong voice, cello, and guitar, leading the tunes with feeling and subtlety. Following in the footsteps of of electric-trad legends such as Pentangle and Trees, Wienk's music rings of the intensely personal and is delivered with crystal clarity, not the hipster-fuzz obfuscation of some contempo 'folk'".
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