Fido Plays Zappa - Atlantis & Elsewhere 2 x CDs

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“Celebrating the 15th anniversary, the Swiss Rockin 'Teenage Combo will present itself with a live double album from the last two tours in 2017 through Germany and Switzerland. From over 40 hours of raw material, a harmonious mix has been created between Alltime Zappa favorites, self-interpretations and unknown works from the work of the Big Z. It's a dirty job, but one has to do it eventually. Or seven and a half. FiDO (2003-?), Seven-eyed men and their lady-like mixer - embark on a 15-year tour on the occasion of their 15-year anniversary on "Making Zappa's Great Again For 15 Years" tour, once again reaching deep into the repertoire and bag of tricks the American composer, guitarist and style-making civil fright Frank Zappa (1940-1993). On board the freshly printed double live CD "Atlantis & Elsewhere" from the last tour. With the intrepid mix of a sassy rocking live show paired with virtuoso Swiss precision craftsmanship, with which the stage-experienced professionals live out their passion for the music of the Great American Composer, the Swiss Tribute Orchestra knows how to grab all audiences. The seven musicians celebrate with many voices and with verve obscure stories of modified dogs, stinking feet, sad Eskimos and all sorts of other curiosities of life, the brash humor and the sometimes nasty falsifications of the front man Dave Muscheidt breathe the spirit of the great entertainer and provocateur FZ. FiDO shamelessly exploit improvisational freedom, breaking stylistic boundaries with great virtuosity and making full use of the musical diversity and compositional humor of Zappa's work. With numerous inspiring live shows all over Europe and six released sound recordings, the Swiss Tribute Orchestra has probably earned a place in the Olympus of the worldwide Zappa community in the last decade: Stylish, virtuoso, humorous and with his own approach, FiDO and his audience are still intoxicated after 15 years with the ingenious work of Frank Zappa.”
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