Filthy Habits Ensemble - Plays Stravinsky: L'Histoire du Soldat Live at Jamboree

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This is a fantastic release of a avant-progressive/jazz-rock version of some of L'Histoire Du Soldat by Igor Stravinsky.

This includes members of October Equus and Planeta Imaginario in front of a duly impressed crowd, really whipping it out here, and putting on a very strong performance that uses Stravinsky's work as a springboard for their own work.

Recorded live on October 3, 2013, the group here consists of:
Pablo Selnik: Flute
El Pricto: Clarinet and Conduction
Don Malfon: Alto Saxophone
Tom Chant: Tenor Saxophone
Natsuko Sugao: Trumpet
Jo Miramontes: Piano
Sebi Suárez (McKayhan): Electric Bass
Vasco Trilla aka Thriller: Drums

Hugely and highly recommended!
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