Fire Merchants - Fire Merchants CD (expanded) (Mega Blowout Sale)

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A reissue of a good, fiery, fusion trio who should have gotten more acclaim, but whose releases came out at the wrong time for that to happen. This includes 3 bonus tracks.

"Fire Merchants are another one of those horribly unjustly overlooked bands that deserved so much better.
They were formed by guitarist John Goodsall (BABYLON, BRAND X, SANDOZ) and drummer Chester Thompson (ZAPPA, WEATHER REPORT, GENESIS) who recruited bassist/percussionist Doug Lunn for a first album, FIRE MERCHANTS.
The music combines the awesome Goodsall/Thompson fire power with a metallic edge. The guys make a lot of noise, do some fantastic playing and have exciting grooves. Imagine a more aggressive and electric version of BRAND X and you'll have an idea of what they sound like.

The first (self-titled) consists of electric guitar improvisations with intense riffs and rhythms where Goodsall deftly shows off his pyrotechnics while Lunn and Thomson put down workman-like performances, getting the occasional spotlight along the way. This is an excellent album for those who enjoy electric guitar in a fairly heavy jazz-rock context."

"I was a huge fan of Brand X, for the few years during the mid-70s when they were putting out CDs... one of the best fusion bands ever, and a great project for Phil Collins to stretch a bit with his great drumming chops. I always loved John Goodsall's guitar playing on those albums. So when I discovered his project called Fire Merchants I grabbed the debut CD release, which is awesome. Features drumming great Chester Thompson as well. Goodsall turns out some really interesting guitar work. I especially like the catchy heavy riff of the very first track."
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