Fire Merchants - Landlords Of Atlantis (Mega Blowout Sale)

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A reissue of the second and final release by a very good, fiery, fusion trio who should have gotten more acclaim, but whose releases came out at the wrong time for that to happen.

"This is the almost-impossible-to-find follow up to the first FM album, a harder-edged Brand X courtesy of John Goodsall and friends (on this CD, Toss Panos and Doug Lunn).

LANDLORDS OF ATLANTIS features more metallic fusion a la their first self titled release, only better in all departments. More focused composition and playing, much improved production (thanks to the late Kevin Gilbert), and Goodsall just burns the fretboard here in a manner that the group-aesthetic of his other band didn't allow him to.

Oddly enough, it's the Doug Lunn material on which Goodsall really tears it up; his own pieces, like 'Healing Dream' and 'Worlds in Modulation', tend to be more composed structures, but the alternating styles make for a satisfying and fully-rounded audio experience, certainly equal to the best Brand X.

Not to shortshrift the sidemen, Lunn and Panos comprise an inspired and very limber rhythm section who complement Goodsall superbly. Worth hunting down."
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