Fireballet - Night On Bald Mountain (expanded)

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First-ever legit reissue of this fairly well-known debut by a US progressive rock band.

"In 1975 Fireballet was touted as America's great contribution to British Rock. Their two vinyl albums were released worldwide to critical acclaim. They were never officially released on CD...until now. Remastered and repackaged in digipak with bonus tracks, Two Too, as with Night on Bald Mountain, will appeal to the original Fireballet fans as well as to new fans looking for stellar performances of great music. Night on Bald Mountain produced by Ian McDonald (King Crimson).".

Martyn Biglin - bass, 12 string acoustic guitar, backing vocals
Ryche Chlanda - acoustic & electric guitars, electronic devices, backing vocals
Jim Cuomo - lead & backing vocals, percussion
Brian Hough - Hammond & other organs, keyboards, backing vocals
Frank Petto - acoustic & electric pianos, synths, Mellotron, backing vocals

"New Jersey-based Fireballet released only two albums, Night on Bald Mountain (1975) and Two, Too (1976), both on the Passport label. It's no doubt that their first album is regarded as the better of the two. This album was produced by Ian McDonald, ex-King Crimson and soon-to-be member of Foreigner. Group consisted of vocalist/percussionist Jim Cuomo, Brian Hough and Frank Petto on keyboards (ARP 2600 synth, Hammond organ, RMI electric piano/harpsichord, Mellotron, etc.), Martin Biglin on bass, 12-string acoustic guitar and backing vocals, and Ryche Chlanda on guitars and backing vocals. From listening to this album it's not exactly the most original prog you're going to hear as the Yes and Genesis influences are rather obvious. "Les Cathedrales" is the opening cut and it is essentially a cover of George Martin's "Theme One" but with vocals (I'm certain the group was more aware of Van der Graaf Generator's version of it, as it was included on the American LP of Pawn Hearts). The Yes influence can be found on "The Fireballet" with the vocal harmonies. "Atmospheres" is a rather mellow piece reminding one of Genesis during their mellow phase, this is the only piece the Mellotron is used, so if you hear this album referred to as "loaded with Mellotron", it isn't, it's only used on that song. Throughout the album can be found classical influences, the title track is a full-on prog take on Mussorgsky's famous work by the same name, although I hear some Debussy slip in, although there's tons of the band's own creative twists to go with it, it's not unlike the Spanish group Los Canarios tackling Vivaldi's Four Seasons on their 1974 album Ciclos (although you won't get reminded of Yes or Genesis when listening to Ciclos)."-Benjamin Miller
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