Firesign Theatre - How Can You Be In Two Places At Once When You're Not Anywhere At All CD

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Firesign's second album and a classic of comedy/not comedy and of their work, including the first appearance of Nick Danger!

"Featuring better production than the debut album, Two Places at Once is a much tighter affair, with much happening throughout. Side one features a number of smaller sketches, with social commentary interwoven with smart television and radio parodies. It's side two, however, that makes this album worth having. The side-long "Further Adventures of Nick Danger" is a nearly perfect parody of a detective radio play, with sharp wordplay and interesting characters. The more fully developed nature of the piece makes the album worth repeated listening, which isn't the case with many other comedy albums released at about the same time."-Sean Carruthers/All Music Guide

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Their best album! Rife with Beatles references,and odd-ball wacked-out comedy. Almost an American Monty Python,but I'd say with more social and political point. This is one "comedy" album you can listen to over and over again and still find new things in each time. Their star was burning bright here. Best place to start if you haven't been to Firesign's dimension yet!
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