Flat Earth Society - 13

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It's always great to see a new album from this always excellent avant/progressive large ensemble! HUGELY recommended!

Flat Earth Society was founded in 1998, when clarinetist and composer and producer Peter Vermeersch, wanted to explore new horizons after his bands Maximalist! and the cult legend band X-legged Sally. Vermeersch assembled a pack of inspired and inimitable musicians, forming a big band which has nowadays become much more than just a big band. The band now consists of a permanent group of 14 musicians: Stefaan Blancke (trombone), Benjamin Boutreur (saxes), Berlinde Deman (bass tuba), Bart Maris (trumpet), Michel Mast (saxes), Marc Meeuwissen (trombone), Kristof Roseeuw (double bass), Luc Van Lieshout (trumpet), Bruno Vansina (saxes), Peter Vandenberghe (of Univers Zero) (keyboards), Teun Verbruggen (percussion), Wim Willaert (accordion), Tom Wouters (clarinet, percussion). They mix whimsy and sophistication, humor and virtuosity, and composition and improvisation to create its dynamic trademark sound.

"This new album, conveniently called 13, serves up an usual unusual portion of gas, chaos, and chazz. The album contains 13 new pieces, some more instrumental than others. The musical journey defies varying landscapes and weather conditions, the orchestra remains as fresh as ever, the music is their pocketknife and compass, and the words are profoundly deep.”
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