Flax - One CD

Hermod Falch (vocals)
John Hesla (guitar, flute)
Bruce C. Rasmussen (drums)
Arve Sakariassen (bass)
Lars Hesla (keyboards)

“Excellent progressive hard rock from Norway with that typical cold scandinavian sound. The guitars are heavy and vocals are clear and sometimes evil-inspired. Underrated album.”-RYM

“A heavy rock group which formed in 1972. The first Flax album sold poorly at the time of release in 1976 and has become something of a collector's item. It contained theatrical heavy rock (vocalist Hermod Falch was occasionally dressed in a skeleton costume when the group performed live), strongly influenced by Deep Purple (at the time of Machine Head) and, to a lesser degree, Uriah Heep and Queen. Their music also had some symphonic elements.”-Scented Gardens Of The Mind
  • LabelNorske Albumklassikere
  • UPC7059135211273
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