Fleetwood Mac - Boston, February 1970 : 3 x CD box

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This was professionally recorded on the last US tour by the Peter Green-led version of Mac, which by this time featured a 3 guitar, bass, drums line-up. I think that Mac, along with Cream and the Jimi Hendrix Experience were THE great triumvirate of 60s 'blues influenced' psychedelic rock bands. Sadly, their greatness was never fully caputured on album, but this comes close, I think.

This has two 25' + versions of Rattlesnake Shake as well as other material, some of which is just as good and some of which isn't. But Peter and the band are on fire here and this is a great collection of wonderous psychedelic blues, with Green expanding greatly upon the form. Highly recommended for psych/60s rock fans. If you don't know what they were capable of, watch this amazing video and you'll know why I recommend this!

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