Flying Luttenbachers - Destructo Noise Explosion!: Live at WNUR 2/6/92 (Mega Blowout Sale)

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"Do you think free jazz has to be completely inaccessible and humorless? Enter the Flying Luttenbachers. This reissue of the cassette originally released on the band's own ugEXPLODE label is the only recording of the original Luttenbacher lineup, which included avant-garde jazz veteran Hal Russell. Playing what drummer/clarinetist Weasel Walter calls "punk jazz" in his liner notes, all the hallmarks of free jazz are here, with squawking saxophones and clarinet, though taken to the "punk" extreme when played over Walter's incessant, hyperspeed drumming. Still, the music is not entirely formless. Listen closely and you'll hear melodies and recurring themes.

Russell sounds like he's having a ball with his two young bandmates, trading off humorous between-song, even mid-song banter with Weasel Walter. Humor is injected into the proceedings at numerous times. "Edge of Night" is, according to Russell, stolen from a soap opera, though the Luttenbachers are able to suitably twist the song into jazz. During "Throwing Bricks," the music temporarily stops for a second in the middle of the song so Weasel Walter can ask his bandmates if it's time for his drum solo. When confirmed by the others, he proceeds to beat the living daylight out of his drums. But this is not to say that the music is not taken seriously. Live at WNUR proves to be both a fun and engaging listening, descriptions that do not often go hand-in-hand with free jazz."- Stanton Swihart/All Music Guide

"If you have even heard of the Flying Luttenbachers, chances are you have a vested interest in free jazz and/or underground music. If you don't, this album will likely not be your cup of tea, so to speak. With that disclaimer out of the way, this album would be a good introduction to the Flying Luttenbachers and the musicial stylings of Weasel Walter (the mastermind of the group). Compared to his later recordings, this album is relatively tame. It is a live recording of a radio station performance from the early 90s.

The Albert Ayler influence is definitely there. The basic premise is lightning fast drumming and hyperkinetic, off-kilter saxophone, although not as heavy as what would come later. Basically, this sounds like the output of someone who grew up worshipping Ayler, which it is. What it lacks in the depth, maturity, and uniqueness that would come later, it makes up for in personality and energy. This is just a couple of guys having fun, performing music that they love.

And it shows in the dialogue between songs. Hilarious stuff here, folks. Hal Russell and Weasel joke back and forth, and the performance has a postmodern, ironic tinge to it. Walter was also influenced signifcantly by the New York "No Wave" scene, which you can tell as well.

In short, a fine introduction to the music of Weasel Walter for any open-minded aficionados of free jazz or avant garde music or anyone who can appreciate an album that is just plain fun to listen to."
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