Flying Luttenbachers - Imminent Death CD

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Weasel Walter (drums, percussion, guitar, bass guitar, electronics, electric sitar)
Matt Nelson (soprano, alto and tenor saxophones, bass and contrabass clarinets)
Tim Dahl (bass guitar)
Brandon Seabrook (guitar)
Henry Kaiser (guitar)
with Brad Laner (synthesizer) and V (tinkerbells)

As Weasel said to me, this one “is a ‘70s Miles record on steroids; some of the craziest shit Henry has done in a long time.” He also said: “The Flying Luttenbachers return with yet another aggressive, dissonant, relentless headscratcher. Seven long tracks of rhythm and insanity. This one goes out to the LADIES.”
No arguing from me.

“Imminent Death is very different in many ways from the previous Luttenbachers releases, but then again, you could consistently say that about most of them. The group has always followed the direction set by its leader Weasel Walter, and reflects his desire to create music of a determinately less common quantity in any given era.
The Flying Luttenbachers have always been staunchly committed to making artistic statements which defy current trends and seek the expression of personal truth, mania and iconoclasm. This offering is a record Mr. Walter has pondered and thought about making for 30 years - finally, here it is, and it is quite a cathartic exorcism. (The next one will probably be nothing like it as well, so please consider this just another oblique chapter in the ever-morphing saga.) On 1997’s “Gods of Chaos” album, the end of the universe took place. On 2019’s “Imminent Death”, the unforeseeable happens as the cosmos prepares to self-destruct yet again! On these seven long tracks, stretching over 70 minutes, there is a deliberately linear/horizontal dread to the procession, based on hypnotic repetition of motifs and a straight ahead rhythmic minimalism only hinted at briefly for moments in the band’s past. On top of this propulsive, unrelenting foundation erupts wild asymmetry in the form of virtuosoic extended soloing by multireedist Matt Nelson and guitar players Henry Kaiser and Brandon Seabrook. The quintet interaction is jagged, frenzied and sometimes bluntly sparse, each player choosing their moments of personal explosion or laying back and serving the mood and modus operandi of each piece as needed.
“Imminent Death” is an album of focused themes and variations telepathically elaborated on by this group of journeyman improvisers/musicians. The communication is deep and the ensemble is unified in their intensity, invention and power. Drown in the darkness . . .”
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