Flying Luttenbachers - Incarceration by Abstraction vinyl lp (due to size and weight, this price for the USA only. Outside of the USA, the price will be adjusted as needed)

First-ever vinyl issue of this 2007 FL release, and actually a Weasel Walter album in disguise. Originally planned to be performed by a full band version of the group, including guitarists Mick Barr and Ed Rodriguez, like their incredible, amazing and unfortunately out of print last album Catalclysm, except that those musicians weren't available.
Not being someone who likes to dwell on past works, Weasel documented the material he had created for the group, playing (quite well) all the tracks himself on guitars, basses, mellotron, organ, clarinet, electronics and drums. I hear elements of Western Culture Henry Cow, Magma, Ruins, The Work, Orthrelm and more, but with the pedal really pushing to the metal. Really good, really agressive, really loud and really impressive!

"Pushing all limits of structure, dissonance and energy . . . 8 brand new compositions of staggering power and complexity. Could this be the final chapter in the saga???? Those who want their "prog" brutal will not be disappointed. Incarcerated By Abstraction may prove to be the final Flying Luttenbachers album and it is a singular landmark in the field dissonant, modern rock complexity. Melding the approaches and innovations of previous releases like Infection and Decline, Systems Emerge, The Void and Cataclysm, this release reaches a highpoint of deadly rhythmic thrust, alien harmony and structural density. There is little more to be said - this album must be experienced to be Cataclysm, this disc may never be re-pressed, so don't be an idiot: support the band and buy this release before it's too late. Join the Flying Luttenbachers army today and prepare for infinity."-Weasel's very own hype
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