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"Focus has never been one for clever album titles and the rather pedestrian title to this album is no different. I don't know this for sure, but I assume this is the band's 8th studio album. The lineup for this one is the reformed new millennium Focus and is the same that appeared on the bands "Live In America" disc the previous year.
About half of the material is written by original member Thjis Van Leer with the rest Jan Dumme and Bobby Jacobs. "8" is a very nice comeback album and should please fans of the classic 70's albums. The sound is very much in the style Focus is known for, although the music does not sound derivative and maintains a modern feel to most of it. The album is a mix of rockers and jazzier mellower pieces.
Thjis Van Leer's keyboards are as constant as ever and he really contributes some nice work on flute throughout the album. Guitarist Jan Dumee smokes on the rocker and adds just the right touch of melodic sensibility on the slower material. Jan Akkerman is not missed at all with the expertise of Dumee's contributions here.
Highlights of the disc include the opening rocker "Rock & Rio" which is in a similar style to Focus big hit "Hocus Pocus". "Tamara's Move", "Fretless Love", and "Focus 8" are all good ones as well. The only real stinker on the album is the final "bonus" track "Flower Shower". This just sounds like they were in the studio goofing around and decided to stick it on to the end of the album. They shouldn't have bothered. Other than that it is a very nice comeback for this new version of the band."-Steven Sly
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